Gold clipboard

Sutton's Gold, Relentless Pursuit ClipboardThe first Friday of Institute, our School Director, Lance, started the summer tradition of the “Relentless Pursuit Clipboard” at Sutton Middle School. In recognition of TFA’s vision that “one day all children will receive an excellent education,” the gold clipboard has “One Day Starts Today” written at the top. At the bottom is written “Relentless Pursuit” which is TFA-lingo for “the perseverance and pro-activity with which effective teachers drive toward their ambitious goals despite the significant challenges they face along the way.”

The idea behind the Relentless Pursuit Clipboard is that it gets passed around to those TFA Sutton staff and corps members who are working relentlessly to make TFA’s vision of “One Day…” start today. The board may be passed two times during a single day or five times. It is up to the person who has the board to determine when they pass it on. During our school meeting at the end of each day, the people who received/passed the board that day tell why they decided to pass it onto their chosen honoree.

Last week, Tom, my co-partner, passed the clipboard to me. He said that I was working relentlessly to help Jennifer improve her reading fluency by reading with her over the phone every evening. I in turn passed the board along to Blake who is part of the Math portion of our collaborative. Our students love Blake as he relates well with them and goes over and beyond the call of duty when it comes to making sure the day’s math objective has real-life applications.

The gold Relentless Pursuit Clipboard is a sacred item at Sutton and serves as a way for corps and staff members to “shout out” those who are kicking it up a notch. All of the stuff we do at Institute is suppose to give us ideas for things we can take back with us to our regions. In the case of the Relentless Pursuit Clipboard, it serves as an example of how we can honor and “shout out” our students. TFA believes in doing a lot of “shouting out” of people to honor their hard work and success.


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One day, all children

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